JOB DESCRIPTION: Inspects and prepares manufactured items for prime painting and finish coating, both inside nits and outside units as required by work orders. Prepares Company equipment for painting as requested b work orders. Inspects welds and work orders for completeness prior to painting. Prepares primers, paint and coatings for spray painting. Maintains paint application equipment and repairs same as needed. Maintains daily paint log as required by OSHA. Reports to paint shop supervisor. MINIMUM PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Hearing: 40 decimals in at least one ear Eyes: Right and Left at 20/40 Blood Pressure: Equal to or below 160/90 Lifting: 75 lb. capacity ADDITIONAL REQIREMENTS: *Physically able to climb up/down a ladder up to 20 ft multiple time as day *Have no fear of confined spaces (Claustrophobia) *Have no fear of heights (Acrophobia) *Maneuver through a 20" diameter round manway daily *Doesn't have any known allergies to different types of chemicals *Work in ambient temperatures from 0 to 125F *Crawl on hands and knees while performing painting/blasting operations HOW TO APPLY: To apply for this position, you MUST click on I m interested on the 1st and 2nd pages, this way your name will be placed on the employer s contact referral list. REMEMBER: Click Interested TWICE! After the second time follow the Employer's instructions to apply REMINDER: Let us know immediately if you are hired