Resumes Are Not Accepted! Construction Inspector I & II:Inspects construction methods and workmanship to ensure contractors build roadways, bridges, traffic signals, airports and related structures in accordance with plans and specifications; acts as consultant regarding work progress and problem resolution; serves as the only inspector on a construction project or assist in overseeing construction inspection activities for very large and complex projects within a district or conduct statewide construction inspection activities for ongoing airport improvement projects.;Leads the work of technical and professional employees. Responsible to a licensed professional engineer who has full authority for approval of all work. Work requires contact with contractors. In the Construction Division's Structural Unit, performs advanced materials tests and manufacturing process inspections at fabrication sites. Employees at this level follow standard practices that do not require frequent supervision of details. *Construction Inspector II also trains others.Construction Inspector III:Includes all duties listed for Construction Inspector I and II, and; employees at this level establish their own work plan and priorities to meet set objectives. Issues are rarely referred to the supervisor but;are handled at the occurrence.;; This job requires the following: High School Grad or Equivalent in general high school studies. This job requires the following:Construction Inspector I: 4 years in construction inspection.Construction Inspector II: 5 years in construction inspection.Construction Inspector III: 6 years in construction inspection.Applicable to Construction Inspector I, II, and III: If performing Materials/Process Inspection, experience required in lab work, material inspection/or other engineering related activities. Experience can be satisfied by fulltime or prorated parttime equivalent. No supervisory experience required. Related College education or relevant technical training may be substituted for experience on year per year basis.;;;